What is safety ?

Everyone know that ,most of the accidents happened in industries are due to fire and the national statistics states that the maximum fatal in the industries are due to fire .

To manage the loss due to fire , the companies recruit the qualified fire and safety officers who completed the National government approved fire and safety engineering course and obviously based on their skill too .

Our Courses

Diploma in industrial safety management.

Diploma in fire and safety management

Diploma in offshore safety

Diploma in construction safety management

Diploma in electrical safety

Advance Diploma in Occupational safety, health and environmental management.

Advance Diploma in fire and industrial safety management .

Diploma in fire and safety engineering.

Diploma in fire and safety engineering techniques 

Part Time Higher Education Courses 

B.Sc Fire and Safety

MBA on Fire and Safety

PG Diploma in HSC

B.Sc Health and Safety

B.Sc (Fire and Industrial Safety)

MBA Safety Management

B.E/B.Tech (Fire and Safety)

M.E/M.Tech (Fire and Safety)

B.E/B.Tech (Industrial Safety)

M.E/M.Tech (Industrial Safety)