IOSH is the chartered professional body for safety and health in the workplace. It acts as a champion, supporter, adviser, advocate and trainer for those who protect the safety, health and wellbeing of others.



Managing Safely 

Working Safely



Managing Safely 

IOSH Managing Safely course is invented for safety managers and other safety management staffs to increase their level of competency and to perform their job with high level of safety standards.
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Working Safely 

IOSH WORKING SAFELY COURSE will teach you the basic concepts in health and safety like improving their awareness and processes in controlling hazards and risks in the workplace.

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) has recently updated its managing safely course to provide deeper insights for an effective management of health and safety in the workplace. This course is highly practical and primarily designed to equip managers and supervisors in any organization/sector with essential knowledge and skills to efficiently tackle health and safety issues in the workplace. It covers a wide range of topics with relevant case studies and real-time examples to show how the safety negligence impacts on organization’s reputation. Further, it emphasises on why health and safety to be considered as an integral part of their responsibilities. This course is the ideal choice to demonstrate commitment to the health and safety standards in any organization.

Modules Covered

       *Introducing managing safely

       *Assessing risks

       *Controlling risks

       *Understanding responsibilities

       *Understanding hazards

       *Investigating incidents

       *Measuring performance


Benefits of Pursuing this Course

        *Provides international recognition and boost career prospects

        *Empowers sound knowledge of health and safety management principles

        *Helps to satisfy legal requirements and serve the community better

        *Promote company-wide safety awareness culture

        *Facilitates to build up the trust among clients and stakeholders for enhanced                           reputation

Course Duration

              *3 days (classroom training)

Assessment and Certification

                Candidates are evaluated via multiple choice questions and workplace risk assessment project. Upon successful completion, candidates will be awarded an IOSH Managing Safely certification.

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